Viridian is a blue-green pigment, a hydrated chromium(III) oxide, of medium saturation and relatively dark in value. Viridian takes its name from the Latin viridis, meaning "green". - Wikipedia

Thanks for the great gig

And it's done! Our first show following hiatus is already behind us. We'd like to thank the organisers for giving us a chance, Archangelica and Frown for a great gig - with a special big "Thank You!" to Archangelica for lending us the gear - and, last but definitely the most, the wonderful audience.

Correction: Change of Peter Steele Memorial Concert start time

We had previously given incorrect information with regards to the doors open and start time of the Peter Steele Memorial Concert. According to the latest information we've received, doors will open at 20:00 and the show starts at 21:00. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Peter Steele Memorial Concert

On Saturday, 13th April, Viridian will be opening the 2nd Edition Peter Steele Memorial Concert.

Frown, from Slovakia, will be headlining. Archangelica will also be appearing.

Website outta nowhere

You're browsing through the brand-new version of the Viridian website.

It may look familiar, if you've been here before, but the careful observer will note a couple of new elements. Old-timers may also note that it is a bit bare at the moment.

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