Marcin "Aval" Rybak




Other bands:
CSW, Vial

In Viridian since...
June 2007

Everyday activities:
"Eternal studies"

Apart from music...

I read...
Math tables

I listen to...
Music. Lots of it.

Many musical idols, no non-musical ones.

Favourite food:
Dead and tasty ;)

Favourite alcohol:
Krupnik. (Polish honey vodka)

Favourite beverage:

Dream instrument:
Two Laklands and a Fender Precision bass.

My first concert:
Something with the band below.

My first band:

Favourite film:
Blues Brothers. The first one, of course.

Owned/dream means of locomotion:
At present the yellow-red death with the letters ZTM. (Warsaw public transport)

I'm frightened by...
The stupidity of Mand.

I want to (before I die):
Earn money for my dream instruments. To start with. Later, we'll see...

I want to play...
A trumpet

I want to see...
...and hear - as below.

The concert I wish to attend, no matter what
Any that's well played and sung. Not a lot of those around these days.

What drives me mad...
Same thing that frightens me (see above).

I want to live...
Somewhere close to everywhere. Within walking distance, for preference.