About the band

Viridian was formed in Spring 2002 by guitarist Krzysztof "Faza" Wiszniewski (former member of bands such as Wrinkled Fred, Strefa Czasu and Braintrust). He was joined primarily by musicians he had worked with previously Nina Garncarczyk (ex-Braintrust), Marcin Karolak (ex-Strefa Czasu) and Paweł "Shaman" Karle, whom he'd played shanties with in pubs at the time. The first line-up was rounded off by Jerzy Mroczek on bass and Marcin Włusek on drums.

The first Viridian concert took place in January 2003 at Warsaw's Nemo club. Also on the bill were Naamah, Orbita Wiru and Haras. That Spring, the band recorded a four-song demo. Two of those songs "Panna Anna" (the instrumental version) and "Jutro" were then used in the soundtrack of the short-feature film "Czerwony 55", directed by Agnieszka Gomułka.

Shortly after recording the demo, Marcin Włusek left the band due to health reasons. He was replaced by Marek Kułakowski. The new line-up played a number of gigs in 2004, most notably the Pruszków Days and the closing spot of "Monarowisko 2004" - a charity concert for the patients at Monar - Poland's largest drug-rehab organisation.

Sadly, "Monarowisko" was the last performance by this line-up. Jurek Mroczek and Marek Kułakowski both left the band following this concert. They were replaced in September 2004 by bassist Jarek Michalski and drummer Piotr "Tonic" Konarski. The revamped band recorded the "Through The Looking Glass EP" at Warsaw's Serakos studio in October of that year. That same month Viridian gave their first performance with the new line-up at the Progresja club in Warsaw. The band also appeared at the "Rockowania 2004" festival in Mława in December.

In 2005, Viridan continued to gain momentum. The band regularly performed in clubs and did some open-air concerts. In July, Viridian played at the "Rockowe Ogródki" festival in Płock and in August closed the rock day of "Lato nad Pilicą" in Warka. That summer, the band also recorded the "Peter Pan/World In Your Hands" single at Warsaw's Złota Skała & Kokszoman studio. Once again however, summer brought about a change in the band's line-up. This time, founder-member Marcin Karolak departed the ranks. After a long search he was replaced by Anna Turwoń and Viridian took to the stage once again in January 2006.

The 2006 concert season was Viridian's strongest to date, with performances at the Rock May Festival in Skierniewice and at the Toruń gig on the Abracadabra Gothic Tour 2006, supporting Closterkeller. Towards the end of the year, the band also shot it's first video for "Before You Leave", off the "Through The Looking Glass EP".

More line-up changes were in store for 2007: Jarek Michalski was replaced by Marcin "Aval" Rybak and Anna Turwón by Michał "Sephiroth" Golicz.