Before You Leave

Krzysztof Wiszniewski
Nina Garncarczyk, Marcin Karolak

Nina Garncarczyk - vocals
Paweł "Szaman" Karle - rhythm guitar
Marcin "Kary" Karolak - keyboards
Piotr "Tonic" Konarski - drums
Jarosław Michalski - bass guitar
Krzysztof "Faza" Wiszniewski - lead guitar

So you tell me you just can't take no more,
There's things that simply aren't worth fighting for.
No use pretending we're better off this way,
It's time to call it quits and walk away.

I have just one thing to say before you leave...

Don't give up your hope for me,
Tell me please you still believe
That there's brighter days before us.
Think again, though it seems we lost the way.
Tell me please that you will stay.
Don't give up your hope for me.

Whatever happened to the good times that we had,
The days when being close was all we'd need?
How things have changed - we sit in silence
Or we tell ourselves again that this feeling can't be saved -
Just let it be...

But if there's some love still in your heart, don't turn away!