Fool's Carnival

Krzysztof Wiszniewski
Krzysztof Wiszniewski

Nina Garncarczyk - vocals
Paweł "Szaman" Karle - rhythm guitar
Marcin "Kary" Karolak - keyboards
Piotr "Tonic" Konarski - drums
Jarosław Michalski - bass guitar
Krzysztof "Faza" Wiszniewski - lead and acoustic guitar

The greatest show you've seen in all your lives,
One night only, you won't believe your eyes.
Words can't describe all the World's delights
You'll see tonight.

In the darkened hall the crowd roars out with rage.
The final curtain rises, the actors take the stage.
Now the Chorus sings, time to start the show.
See the Dance of Kings,
Fool's Carnival.

The grinding cogs churn out their flour tonight.
The Man-in-Blue is watching, he says that it's alright.
And each man has his place in a World of Lies.
He doesn't wonder why.

The will of God is such a handy tool -
The money keeps on coming and no one breaks the rules.
'Cause things that men believe and those they think they know
Are all just falling leaves
At Fool's Carnival.

Politicians, priests, police and all
Tread their measures at the fiddle's call
As they're going 'round the Fool plays on
And on.

The music's fading and the lights go down.
The Fool puts down his fiddle and tips his broken crown.
The actors take their bows, they say it's time to go,
To lead our normal lives
In Fool's Carnival.