Website outta nowhere

You're browsing through the brand-new version of the Viridian website.

It may look familiar, if you've been here before, but the careful observer will note a couple of new elements. Old-timers may also note that it is a bit bare at the moment.

There's a good reason for everything, of course. The new parts of the website are the result of us switching to a new engine (Drupal). The old site used a very primitive CMS that Faza slapped together in his spare time and had long ceased to satisfy. Adding any content was a chore. Hence the change - and many more to come, most likely. Despite our best intentions, we didn't manage to get everything we planned done before launch date. We'll just have to make it up as we go along. Some unexpected errors may surface - we apologise in advance. Also, the website's appearance will most likely change soon (we stuck as closely as we could to the prior one, for the time being).

Regarding content: the band got back together after a two-year-plus hiatus just a short while ago. I think it's understandable that we chose to focus on the music and not on promotion. Nevertheless, the machine is running now, so we'll just have to make time for everything. I also deliberately chose not to move all of the existing content to the new website. It's been over ten years since Viridian was formed and the past should probably stay in the past. Some of the old content - photo galleries, for example - will probably wind up here eventually, but first we must decide what to keep and what to consign to the archives.

I declare that the show has officially hit the road. Time will tell what comes next.