Thanks for the great gig

And it's done! Our first show following hiatus is already behind us. We'd like to thank the organisers for giving us a chance, Archangelica and Frown for a great gig - with a special big "Thank You!" to Archangelica for lending us the gear - and, last but definitely the most, the wonderful audience.

We're already seeing some photos from the gig appearing and we'll try to get some to publish in our gallery - hopefully, sometime this week. As for possibly the most-often asked question: "When's the next one?", we can only offer an enigmatic "soon". We'll let you know as soon as we've got confirmation.

We're happy that the new song presented at the concert, "Your Love Is Killing Me", went down well. We have some more new material in the works and we'll be unveiling it gradually over the next several gigs.

Once again: a huge "Thank You!" See you next time!