Nina "LeafOfSteel" Garncarczyk




Other bands:
Braintrust, Nocturia

In Viridian since...
The beginning.

Everyday activities:

Apart from music...
Drawing, visage, RPGs

I read...
Bulhakov, Pratchett, Gaiman, Dukaj

I listen to...
Heavy and power metal, classic rock, elecro-gothic, folk, film music

My mother and my grandfather.

Favourite food:
Pierogi ruskie (plus everything spicy or sour)

Favourite alcohol:
Martini, mead.

Favourite beverage:

Dream instrument:
Violin (I'd like to learn to play it, too)

My first concert:
January 2000, Braintrust

My first band:
Heritage (1997)

Favourite film:
Snatch, Boondock Saints

Owned/dream means of locomotion:
Public transport at present. I'm dreaming of a roomy car for the band.

My motto...
"I wanna conquer the world!" (Madonna)

I'm frightened by...
My own helplessness.

I want to (before I die):
Have a stunning career.

Under no circumstances will I...
Say "Never!"

I want to play at...
Some nice castle, at night... or at a full stadium.

I want to see...
New York, New Orleans, a new pair of shoes (quickly!) and an aurora borealis

The concert I wish to attend, no matter what
All of mine (it would be silly to oversleep :) )

I want to meet...
Many handsome men :P

What drives me mad...
Colds and too many idots around.

I want to live...
Somewhere warmer and more peaceful (somewhere with palm trees perhaps)