Krzysztof Wiszniewski
Krzysztof Wiszniewski

Nina Garncarczyk - vocals
Paweł "Szaman" Karle - rhythm guitar
Marcin "Kary" Karolak - keyboards
Piotr "Tonic" Konarski - drums
Jarosław Michalski - bass guitar
Krzysztof "Faza" Wiszniewski - lead guitar

On the prowl tonight she's searching
For a chance to make her life complete.
The city lights call out to her
And she is drawn out on the street.
No looking back this evening,
She knows everything will be alright;
And all the rules are broken
'Cause she's feeling restless in the night.

No more a girl, she's reaching,
Reaching for the fruit she'd been denied;
And what is age - an empty word -
You are just as old as you feel inside.
Temptation's hand is beckoning:
Come and take a ride, but hold on tight.
Your life's out for the taking
When you're feeling restless in the night.

Another morning's breaking.
She has lived to see another day.
She waits on through the daylight hours
For a chance to give her soul away.
The night calls out to her again:
Don't worry love, it'll be alright,
Come out and play when darkness falls
And you're feeling restless in the night.