Michał "Sephiroth" Golicz




Other bands:
None :)

In Viridian since...
July 2007

Everyday activities:
Castration, euthanasia and all that...

Apart from music...
Drawing, treating animals, studies.

I read...
Frightening amounts of photocopied sheets. Books of all sorts besides - whatever

they tell me to read.

I listen to...
Anything that catches my ear, especially j-music (sometimes it's better not to

understand the lyrics...)

Musical - Utada Hikaru.

Favourite food:

Favourite alcohol:
Sadly lacking recently :P

Favourite beverage:
Aloe juice, tropical fruit juices (mango, lychee)

Dream instrument:

My first concert:
17.08.2007 - Viridian

My first band:

Favourite film:
Pan's Labyrinth

Owned/dream means of locomotion:
Trams and metro, I'm afraid.

My motto...
Don't have one.

I'm frightened by...
Man. Belgian hot-dogs with sauerkraut and beer come a close second (I've only

been in a hospital once to date - because of them!)

I want to (before I die):
Live a bit and see as much as I can

Under no circumstances will I...
(wear that). I don't want to regret what I do

I want to play on...
a big and well-known stage. It's the size that counts. I'm not fussy.

I want to see...
The world in all it's guises

The concert I wish to attend, no matter what
Utada Hikaru

I want to meet...
Hikki again. Most of the rest are no longer with us.

What drives me mad...
My cat's hair - allergy.

I want to live...
In south-west France or Ankh-Morpork.